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Brady Was Left In A Box On The Side Of The Road. Even After Being Rescued, He Still Had To Overcome A Deadly Infection

October 30, 2017

Brady is a gorgeous Terrier mix who lives with his doting family in South Carolina! He loves to swim whenever he can, wherever he can, and he loves to try and garden - even though he just ends up eating the flowers. He is a beloved family pup without a care in the world.

While we all wish that Brady’s entire life had been full of the love and happiness he currently enjoys, that’s sadly not the case. The reality is that the beginning of Brady’s life was rather tough. It was bad enough that, for a time, they weren’t even sure this friendly and lovable pup would survive to adulthood.

Brady was born as the result of an accidental breeding. The owner of Brady’s mum didn’t spay her and did not watch her when she was around male dogs, so it wasn’t long before she was pregnant. Brady and his siblings were unwanted, so as soon as they were old enough to be weaned, they were left for dead on the side of the road in a box.

Luckily for the pups, they were quickly found by a passing motorist who took them to PetsInc in West Columbia, South Carolina. Brady’s fight to be saved wasn’t over yet though, and he caught Parvovirus. Parvovirus, or Parvo as it’s commonly called, is often fatal to puppies, and the vets weren’t sure he would survive the sickness.

Slowly, Brady began to beat the Parvo, against all odds. Though weak from hunger and dehydrated from the sickness, he never gave up and continued to fight harder every day! When Brady was better, the next chapter of his life began! As his siblings got adopted, Brady began to worry he’d never find his perfect home, until one day, he did.

Brady is a beloved-pup who has already overcome so much pain and suffering in his short life, that we can only hope that the rest of his life is full of play and love! Considering how loved he is, we can be sure he’ll get that life. He even loves the mail lady, who always brings him a treat! He’s definitely living the good life now!

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