When You Hear Everything This Tiger Cub Went Through, You'll Be Ecstatic When You Hear Where She Lives Now


Tigers are one of the most majestic creatures around and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t recognize the stunning beauty of these animals. Their striking orange and black coloring helps them camouflage themselves in their natural habitat, but is also a reason why these animals are subjected to so many atrocities.

Tigers are often hunted in the wild or as part of a canned hunt so their pelts can be displayed as trophies and they are often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine due to superstitions of what their parts can cure. These stunning animals are kept as pets by people for a variety of reasons. Often, they are viewed as status symbols by those that own them. They are extremely difficult animals to keep, which often results in them suffering all sorts of abuse and neglect. They often live their lives in small cages where they are denied any sunlight or room to move comfortably. Thankfully, one tiger cub in Texas was lucky enough to be spared that fate.

Conroe, Texas was subjected to some of the worst flooding they’ve seen in a while, and it led to one of the most bizarre sights the residents would ever see. A young tiger cub named Nahla was found lost and wandering alone in the flooded area wearing a collar and leash. 

Conroe Police captured the young cat and brought her to the local animal control while they tried to figure out what was going on. Cody Tibbits stepped forward and claimed Nahla, explaining that he was trying to move her out of the way of the flood when she escaped. Animal control took Cody to court and gained custody of Nahla, permanently. The animal control was then tasked with the problem of finding Nahla a permanent home. A wide variety of rescues from all over the United States offered to take her in. Eventually, they decided to accept the offer from International Exotic Animal Sanctuary following recommendations from the Houston Zoo and the Houston SPCA.

The night before Nahla was to be transferred to the animal sanctuary, someone broke into animal control and attempted to steal her away. The would-be tiger thief cut the locks as they attempted to retrieve the tiger cub, but were unable to get into the area where she was being held. The man left after being unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the big cat. Nahla’s departure was delayed by only an hour, and she was settled in at her new rescue the same day.

Nahla was given her very own quarter acre pen at the rescue and she quickly adjusted to the new lifestyle, where she was able to view the sky, run and play to her heart’s desire, and just be a tiger. Nahla is a much beloved resident of the rescue and is very lucky to have escaped the fate of many other tigers in the world today.

The staff at International Exotic Animal Sanctuary say that Nahla is a very playful and affectionate tiger. You can see this for yourself in all of the gorgeous photos of her in her new home. If it hadn’t been for the flood on that fateful day, Nahla would be living in a small cage in someone’s backyard, but now she gets the opportunity to live happily and freely at the rescue.

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