Trapped In Gate And Crying Out For Help When A Man Saves The Dog And Sets Him Free


She is homeless and wandering the streets of India when this sweet dog gets trapped in a gate. Neighbors heard her cries but because they are afraid the dogs and worried she may bite them, they don't do anything to help her.

So the poor dog waits and waits for someone to rescue her and free her from her situation. Finally, an animal rescue team shows up after receiving a phone call about the dog and that's where the video picks up.


When rescuers arrive they find the sweet pup anxious and scared. She is crying and afraid. The young rescuer gets down to pet her and tells her he is there to help her. His loving touch puts her at ease and lets her know he is going to get her out of the gate.

She immediately starts to trust him and calms down. Then another rescuer steps in and together they get her back legs out of the gate as she starts to wine.


The video is hard to watch but also amazing to see her reaction to being freed. She is obviously not a mean or aggressive dog she was just caught in an unfortunate situation.

Thankful for the rescue team who put aside their own needs to meet the needs of this beautiful dog. Watch below as she thanks her rescuers.

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