Samana Was Starving On The Streets, Until One Woman Stepped In To Save Her Life. Now, She’s A Beloved Family Member

November 01, 2017

Samana is a gorgeous mutt who lives with her doting owner in Boston, where she is spoiled-rotten. In the summer, they go to their beach house on the weekends, swimming in the cool ocean waters. She loves to go out on the boat with her family, wearing her adorable life jacket that helps keep her safe. When not at the beach house, she loves to play with her canine friends and lounge around the house.

While Samana’s life may sound like that of a dream, it hasn’t always been that way. Samana was born in the Dominican Republic as a stray. The Dominican Republic is home to a large population of stray dogs and cats, and both of Samana’s parents were strays, running the streets together. This second generation stray would have been on the path to becoming feral - if it hadn’t been for one incident that changed her life forever.

At seven weeks of age, Samana got separated from her parents and began to fend for herself. She searched high and low, scrounging for food on the sidewalks and in the trash that littered the roadways. She wasn’t very successful at it, and her stomach almost constantly rumbled as she slowly starved. During the long cold nights, she slept on the side of the road, curled up as she tried to stay warm.

One cold, stormy day a volunteer with the non-profit group Project Samana (a group dedicated to giving the animals medical care they need) was driving to her surgical suites in an abandoned gymnasium when she spotted Samana curled up on the side of the road. The wind was blowing strong, and the rain was cold and harsh, leaving Samana shaking in the cold. The volunteer knew that Samana needed her help, and needed it fast.

She pulled over to pick up the tiny puppy, knowing she couldn’t leave her there to suffer. The volunteer brought her to their headquarters and nursed her back to health over the next few days. The woman made sure Samana got all of the medical care she needed - shots, a great diet, all of it! The volunteer knew they couldn’t let her go back to calling the streets home, and decided to adopt Samana, bringing her back to Boston with her.

Even though Samana’s life could easily have become a sad tale, she’s now a beloved family member - thanks to the love of one woman who couldn’t just pass by. This sweet pup has come a long way and spends her free time bounding through the snow or going to doggy-day-camp to play with her pals. She loves to go on her walks and hikes, as well, but her favorite thing of all is to curl up on the couch after a long day of playing.

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