How One Woman's Love Transformed An Orphaned Kitten Into A Sweet, Snuggling Soul Mate

January 02, 2018

When Rose and her husband stumbled upon the pitiful little creature, the sweet kitten was scared and alone, lying among shards of broken glass and discarded cigarette butts. To make matters worse, exposure to the harmful chemicals around the gas station where she had been abandoned had left her fur damaged and her skin badly burned. It took Rose less than a second to determine that she needed to take the little darling home with her.

The precious stray, whom she named Andy, bore the scars of his cruel abandonment, not just physically, but emotionally as well. The first thing Rose discovered about her new baby was that he seemed extremely insecure. In fact, he was so frightened that Rose had to take extreme measures to make him feel comfortable. "The first two nights I didn't sleep. I stayed awake [lying] on the floor with my arm in his cat bed so he could hug me..."

That was the start of what was to be his trademark move - hugging or cuddling most of his waking hours. It was the only way Andy could feel safe and secure and Rose was more than happy to accommodate her precious kitten's needs.

During the first week or two of his new life with Rose, most of his damaged fur fell out. In no time at all Andy looked and felt like a brand new kitty.

Ever since that first night in his new home, Andy couldn't stop hugging and snuggling his new mama, the sole source of his newfound feelings of safety and security. When it was time for Andy to meet his canine brother, however, he became nervous and apprehensive. Who can blame him? His abandonment was still fresh in his memory, and his insecurities once again bubbled to the surface.

After initially bristling in the Pug's presence, it took Andy only about five minutes to realize that this big black creature would soon be his new best friend. The two warmed up to each other and, in no time at all, Andy had bonded with his new brother.

Soon the hugging kitty extended his cuddling sessions to include the pup.

Perhaps the sweetest aspect of this story is the common thread running through Rose's and Andy's lives that made their bond unique. When Rose was born, she too was left an orphan.

Having been given up for adoption as a baby she was all-too-familiar with the disparate feelings of being abandoned, only to find love in the home of strangers. "We were both orphans so I think he's my soul mate. Now I CAN'T sleep without him..."

Whatever the future holds for this sweet pair, it is certain that their days of insecurity, fear, and loneliness are over for good. As long as Andy finds tranquility in giving and receiving hugs, and as long as Rose is there to share those snuggling sessions this lucky duo will continue to thrive and grow in their love for one another.

If you'd like to see Rose and Andy's entire story just click on the video, below.

I love this story of pure love and mutual redemption. It's what makes the world go 'round. Don't you agree?

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