Husband Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant Before She Knows And He Gets To Tell Her She's Having a Baby

November 10, 2017

Women all over the world try to come up with creative ways to share with their husbands that they are pregnant. One woman put a bun in the oven and asked her husband, "What's in the oven?" Another wrote on a card: Baby On Board. One husband, however, was able to turn the tables on his wife by being the one to tell her that they were pregnant. Tim and his wife Rachel got some unexpected news after his vasectomy.

"She was tired and complaining about being nauseous," Tim said. "She was eating more. We both kind of joked about how she's acting like she's pregnant but we've mostly laughed it off."

"I get that it's not a guaranteed thing, but they probably should have told me," Tim joked about his vasectomy. "I think we have our plans and [God] has his. He just kind of overruled."

Tim was pretty sure Rachel was pregnant so he came up with a plan to confirm his suspicions. So one night he drained the toilet one night and tried his luck with a urine pregnancy test the following morning.

Well, this surprise comes out of the blue for this couple. The husband had a vasectomy a few months earlier but, surprise! It didn't take. In this turn of events, the husband gets a pregnancy test and works his magic to find out first.

I wonder if this has ever happened before. He writes, "I found out my wife was pregnant before she knew, so I got to tell her the news! We also kept the news from our family and friends until we learned the gender of the baby. This video is how they will learn! No hard feelings for finding out this way, right?"

"I was in shock," she Rachel said. "About a week after, I had my first appointment. Everything was confirmed." What a fun thing he got to do, and what a fun way to tell everyone that there is a baby on board their ship! I guess this family won’t be complete until baby #4 arrives. Is it a boy or a girl? Find out in this video, below.

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