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Man Watches Video Of His Daughter Right After She Was Born, And Notices Something He Didn't See Before

November 06, 2017

People often talk about the bond between a mother and daughter or a father and son. But there is something so special about the bond between a father and his daughter. Comedian, Michael Jr., learned this when he went back to watch the video he took of his daughter’s birth.

At the time, he was so caught up in the excitement and the newness of it all that he missed something huge, but when he went back and watched the video, he was struck by something incredibly profound.

When his daughter was first born, she was lying on the table crying. She was probably cold, hungry, and looking for comfort. That's where her father stepped in.


As Michael began to talk to his baby girl, she immediately began to calm down. The sound of his voice put her at ease and let her know she was safe with her father there. Later on, when the nurse began to clean baby Portland, she began to cry again.

Right then Michael began to talk to her, and again his voice calmed her down. What happened next was remarkable. As he spoke to his baby girl, who was just minutes old, Michael told her that he loved her, and as he did she opened her eyes to look at him. “That’s just phenomenal,” Michael said with amazement.

It was clear that his daughter recognized her father’s voice, which she had heard while in her mother's womb. He was familiar to her; she knew that he was a safe place for her and that he was there to protect her.

After watching the video of his daughter, Michael realized that her reaction proves something true for all of us. Click below to see the sweet video and hear what Michael has to say about being still and listening to the Father's voice.

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