Monty Is A Poster-Kitty For Cats That May Not Appear ‘Purr-fect’ But Are Totally ‘Paw-some’

November 01, 2017

The feline population just keeps growing, and there are not enough people in the world to take in all the cats. Some lucky kitties are adopted through rescues or shelters very quickly, while others may sit and watch people come and go for months on end before they find their purr-fect family. The latter happened to a cat in Denmark named Monty.

Monty is a different sort of cat. He was born with a chromosomal abnormality and does not have the typical feline adult features. He was born without a nasal bridge, and that causes him to sneeze a bit. He is the size of an average adult male feline but has a kittenish face and disposition. When his fur-ever family finally walked through the door, they were utterly shocked that no one had wanted to take this sweet soul home.

Monty has a gentle spirit and makes a purr-fect addition to the home of Michael and Mikala. Monty has become a poster-cat for kitties like him that may not have perfect looks, but are still
“MEOW-tastic!” His parents say "Monty is not perfect, but he is PAWsome!"

Cats like Monty that have quirks or abnormalities still have so much to offer the world. We all know that it is important to look past a person's outward appearance, and see their heart; we must do the same for our animal friends that may look a little different. I love Monty's unique look and especially love that his family has chosen to advocate for other PAWsome cats! Check out this excellent video, featuring Monty, about reasons to adopt a shelter cat.

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