Nola And Lily Never Met, But They Changed Each Other’s Lives In Huge Ways. When Lily Died, Nola Saved Her Family

October 27, 2017

The loss of a pet is a horrible thing, and it can be truly devastating. The loss can be even harder when you have other pets who are also mourning the loss of their sibling. It can be difficult to ever consider adding another pet to the family as you’re faced with the loss of another thing you love dearly.

When Lily the Australian Spitz/Chow Chow mix passed away from cancer in February 2017, her sister, Storm, and her doting mother were crushed by her loss. They mourned their beloved companion and missed her playful antics that would make the house seem alive. Without Lily around, the house was quiet and solemn, like a crypt. Finally, her mother decided that they would add another puppy to the family, not to replace Lily of course, but to bring some life back into the home.

Nola is a Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix who was born three days before the loss of Lily. If the owner of Nola’s mom had her way, Nola would never have been born. Nola was the result of an accidental breeding and, in the breeder’s eyes, she was just a lowly mutt. The breeder deemed her worthless, and when Nola was weaned, she abandoned Nola and her siblings at the animal shelter to die.

It didn’t take long before Nola’s sweet siblings were adopted and found their perfect forever homes. Sadly, Nola was left all alone, waiting. She was very rambunctious and untrained, too much for the families that had adopted her siblings. She waited at the shelter, hoping for the day when she too would go on to her perfect home.

Meanwhile, Lily and Storm’s momma had begun the search to find the perfect addition to their family and was searching animal shelters all around the United States. She thought she had found the perfect puppy in Arizona, so she flew down from Michigan in hopes of bringing the perfect pup home. That puppy didn’t work out, and the search continued. When she drove to Ohio to meet Nola, it was love at first sight!

While no one can ever replace Lily in their hearts, having Nola around has improved their lives greatly. They may have saved Nola from euthanasia at the shelter, but Nola saved them from forgetting how to laugh. Now, their home is once again full of smiles and laughter, Nola’s playful puppy behavior reminding everyone to live life to the fullest.

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