One Of A Kind ‘Mew-seum’ Is All About Cats And Helping Them Find ‘Fur-ever’ Homes

October 18, 2017

Imagine walking into a museum all about one of our favorite subjects, cats! You may be wondering if such a place exists. Yes, yes it does! The Lion City Kitty™  Cat Museum is the world's first-and-only museum centered around cats.

The Cat Museum is in the city-nation of Singapore, which can be translated as "Lion City." The Lion City Kitty™ is a safe place for the strays and abandoned little “lions” to await their new “fur-ever” homes. It is non-profit that is run entirely by dedicated cat-loving volunteers! There are three separate areas to visit at The Cat Museum: The Museum, The Muses, and The Mansion.

At The Museum, you will learn about the history of our feline friends around the globe. Here is where you will also read stories about the love that cats and humans share and about all of the good they do in our world. The walls are “purr-fectly” adorned with cat photography and art too!

The Muses gallery is all about Singaporean cats and their history and origins. Here is where visitors can interact with kittens that are in need of a home and maybe even choose to take one home as their new furry companion. Artists of all types come here to use these kitten muses as inspiration.

The Mansion is an indoor playground that is every cat's dream! The Cat Museum is home to 20 resident cats and has adopted out more than 300 cats. The museum is more than just for show though; they also offer classes such as “Purr-lates” and “Kiddie Cat Camps” - a camp for kids who care for cats!

What a purr-fect idea for a creative way to help the world learn more about cats! This is one "mew-seum" that is going on my bucket list! I think the Mama's and Munchkin's room would be my favorite exhibit. What would yours be?

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