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Rescuer’s Discover Puppies Under Abandoned Building. When They Realize The Structure Is Crumbling, What They Do Next Will Move You To Tears

August 29, 2017

Rescuers hear the distant cry of tiny puppies under an old, decaying, run-down home. Acting quickly, volunteers begin their heroic rescue mission of attempting to remove these animals before the building collapses. On their hands and knees, the volunteers pry the wood carefully, yet quickly, from the sides of the crumbling structure.


With much determination, they dig their way successfully to the puppies and safely start removing them, one by one, from the dark hole that they’ve been dwelling in since the day they were born. With no signs of the mother, the rescuers know their mission is not over just yet. As they continue searching, they eventually locate the mother (Suki), who’s even farther under the deteriorating building. In the past, they have tried to catch Suki but have never had success. This time around, destiny has a different plan for both the rescuers and Suki.


As they remove bits and pieces of the building, they hurriedly use the tiny cries of her puppies to successfully lure Suki within arm's reach of the rescuers. This gives them the immediate chance to lasso a leash around Suki’s neck and pull her to safety. Their mission is complete and they instantly reunite Suki with her precious puppies. The damp, dirty, dark dungeon that they used to call home is now a warm, dry place. Now that they have a roof over their heads, they look forward to a life full of love and sunshine.  Watch the full rescue; it will move you to tears!     

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