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Rescuers Were Forced To Take Desperate Action In Order To Save Flash’s Life

February 19, 2018

Flash and Dolly were two beloved family pets for years before their owners sold their house. The two dogs were left alone on the streets with no one looking out for them. For six months, the two dogs struggled to find food and they had a horrible time just trying to survive.

The neighbors did their best to care for the dogs who refused to leave behind the home they once knew. Dolly was friendly and willing to approach others, and she quickly made herself at home in a neighbor's home.

Flash was too afraid of everyone else and refused to approach a single person. The neighbors continued to feed Flash while they searched for someone, anyone, who would come help him. Hope For Paws answered the call about Flash, and were quick to arrive to find him.

When they arrived on the scene, Flash was too afraid to approach them and ran to hide underneath the house. When the trap failed to catch him, they were left with no options but to try and wrangle him the hard way. The blocked off the entrance to under the house, trapping him in the yard with them.

Flash began to run, terrified and unsure what the volunteers meant to do to him. As he tried to escape under the house, they were left with no other option than to snag him however they could. They grabbed his leg with the slip lead, ensuring his safety.

Once Flash settled down and realized they weren’t looking to hurt him, he began to allow them to touch him and care for him. After a vet visit and a couple weeks in foster care, they managed to find him his very own perfect forever home!