Quimera The Cat Has The Most Marvelous Markings, And She Loves To Show Them Off

November 17, 2017

What is a Chimera Cat? While having markings similar to that of a Tortoiseshell, a Chimera is a result of two embryos fusing together.

While being a Chimera is not that rare in felines, female Chimeras are much more uncommon than males. So, when we came across one this marvelous, we just had to share!

Meet Quimera! Quimera, who lives in Argentina, has a pattern that is not common in any cat species. Her face is two-toned with two different eye colors. She looks almost like two different cats! One side of her face is orange with a golden iris, and the other half is black with a stunning blue iris! Even this rare beauty's nose and mouth are two different colors.

Her chest down to her front legs are the opposite colors, with a small white patch in the middle. The rest of her body is speckled black-and-orange and ends in a magnificent bushy orange tail.

It is undetermined if Quimera is a true Chimera or has some other type of gene mutation. To find out, she would need to undergo testing. One thing is for certain though, Quimera is a stunningly beautiful creature!

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