While Photographing An Abandoned Hospital, A Man Hears Tiny Cries From Inside The Walls. Then, He Quickly Becomes A Little Kittens Saving Grace

November 14, 2017

Life has a wonderful habit of throwing us some spectacular curve-balls. Often times these unexpected turn of events have the potential to change the course of our lives as well as others. For one photographer, his normal day takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the hero that one furry youngster desperately needs.

The photographer hears about an abandoned hospital that is just waiting to be photographed. The man grabs his camera and soon is walking through the doors of the abandoned building. The hospital is completely gutted, and many of the photos the man captures are eery and intriguing. As he moves through the hospital, the photographer keeps hearing strange noises coming from above him. Due to the eeriness of the building, the photographer thinks he imagines the noises but still cannot shake the feeling that he should investigate.

The man makes his way to the second floor of the building but the sounds are still coming from far away and, what is more, they are still coming from above him. He is too curious to turn back now, so he braves the crumbling stairs and ascends to the third floor of the hospital. Once on the third floor, the man listens intently and moves towards where the noises are coming from and comes to a stop in front of a wall. The noises seem to be coming from the air duct above him so the man tries to peer inside but cannot see much. He decides to leave and find a ladder to use.

The man returns at 3 a.m. with a ladder in hand. As he prepares to climb the ladder, the man hears the noises again but realizes that whatever is making the noise isn't in the air duct, but inside the wall itself. The man finds an opening and sticks his head inside and sees, down in the bottom of a deep crevice, a tiny kitten moving around, desperately trying to find a way out. The man is separated from the kitten by a thick layer of dry-wall but is determined to get the furry baby to safety.

The man, slowly and carefully, makes a hole in the wall and comes face to face with the kitten. The youngling is afraid and hisses slightly at the man as he tries to take hold of the small feline. Once he has the kitten in his hands, the man puts it in a small lunch cooler that is in his car. The man gives the kitten some food to eat, which calms it down tremendously, and, with that, they start the journey home.

Once at home, the kitten receives it's first full meal and, understandably, licks the bowl completely clean. There seems to be no trace a fear left in the small feline as it plays games with its new dad. The man can't wipe the smile off his face as he looks down at the new, miniature member of his family. The man affectionately names the kitten Leonard, and the two are best friends from that day on. Leonard and his new dad show us that when life throws you curve balls, it is important to take a swing; it just might change more than one life if you do!

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