The World’s Smallest Monkey Has Given Birth To Twins And The Babies Are Cuter Than You Could Ever Imagine

August 29, 2017

The Chester Zoo in England is home to many wild animals, great and small. There, they live an adventurous lifestyle and enjoy seeing visitors come by throughout the day. It’s always an exciting time for the animals and zookeepers alike when an animal resident gives birth. The zookeepers excitedly chatter as news of the birth spreads like wildfire throughout the zoo. They always keep a close eye on the mother and ensure a safe, healthy birth for both her and the baby.


The zookeepers recently announced a monumental birth and it is taking the internet by storm. Audrey, a pygmy marmoset that lives at the zoo, just gave birth to twins! She currently holds the record for being the world’s tiniest monkey so you can only imagine the size of her little ones. Now at one-month-old, they are weighing a mere half of an ounce.


Once they are full-grown, they will be a whopping five inches long. Needless to say, these little monkeys are cuter than words can say! Their father, Gumi, is in charge of raising the young. He is often seen giving the babies piggy-back rides throughout their enclosure and making sure they are well-fed. Check out the video below to see the precious monkey twins explore the great, big world around them!

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