Rough-N-Tumble Biker Witnesses A Man Abuse A Small Dog On The Highway. When He Sees The Man Drive Away, He Does Something Completely Out Of Character

November 14, 2017

I love this next story because it shows us that things aren’t always what they seem and you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. This is an inspiring story of an unlikely hero to a pup that was abused, abandoned, and left to fight for his life on the side of the highway. When all odds were against him, a perfect companion arrived just in time.

Meet Brandon Turnbow! As a biker from Texas, Brandon looks like true rough-n-tumble, all-work and no-play kind of guy. Dressed in all black leather, he spends his days driving his Harley up and down the long highways. By looking at Brandon, you’d never think that they was really a big softy. But after hearing about this story, you’ll probably change your mind.

Brandon was enjoying a scenic drive one day when he came upon a driver pulled over on the side of the road. From the distance, Brandon couldn’t quite tell what driver was doing, but as he got closer, he noticed that the man had a little white dog with him. Just as he was pulled up closer, the man kicked the poor dog, jumped in his car, then sped off. Brandon couldn’t believe his eyes!

He quickly sped up on his bike to give the guy an angry look and let him know that what he did was wrong. Then, without hesitation, he went back to check on the dog. He comforted the little pup and gave him some water. He knew he couldn’t leave the dog there, so he picked him up and placed him on the back of his bike. The pup was strapped down and once he safe on the bike, Brandon drove off.

Brandon drove to his house where he made sure the little pup had some food, but much to his surprise, the pup bee-lined for a pile of pillows that was on the floor. Brandon heart nearly melted as the poor pup passed out; the little guy just wanted a place to sleep. In that moment, Brandon had decided that he would keep the dog. And from that moment on, the two were each other’s back pockets.

Brandon decided to name his new companion “Mr. Davidson,” after his beloved Harley of course. Together, they spent their days taking long trips along the Texas highways. Brandon was so overwhelmed Mr. Davidson that he started an organization specifically for bikers against animal abuse called Baaang Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. Together, Brandon and Mr. Davidson are inspiring other bikers to rescue abused animals. Awe!

Brandon has definitely given bikers a new reputation! He proved that underneath all of that metal and leather and hard exterior, is a soft and compassionate heart. I LOVE stories like this because they inspire me to never judge a book by its cover! I am so grateful for Brandon’s heroic act!

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