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Roo And Rocco Are Two Former Strays Who Have Taken Comfort In The Company Of Each Other

November 14, 2017

Roo and Rocco are two canine best friends who live in Tampa, Florida, with their adoring owner. Roo is a beautiful five-year-old tan Italian Greyhound mix, and Rocco is a seven-year-old black, tan and white chihuahua! These playful pups are the best of friends, and they love to spend their days playing together. These mischievous pups are living the good life together, but their lives before each other were rather sad.

Roo was abandoned as a young dog by the family that was supposed to love and care for her until the end of time. Roo was a stray, running loose and struggling to survive every day. She had to fight to find food and a safe place to sleep, but she was surviving. Unfortunately, it seemed like Roo’s life was doomed to end horribly, and it almost did.

Roo was attempting to cross the road once when everything changed. She was struck by a passing vehicle that never stopped and left her behind to die. Luckily for Roo, a kind police officer was passing by soon after the accident and spotted her. He immediately picked her up, placing her in his vehicle and racing her to the veterinary hospital. She survived, but she now has pins and plates in both of her right legs. A volunteer stepped up to foster her, but that foster home soon turned into her forever home.

Rocco was also a stray fighting to survive, but he lived wild at a local horse arena. He lived off the scraps handed out by competitors and riders at the arena, sleeping in the bushes at night. When Roo’s new family competed in a horse show at the arena, they knew they couldn’t leave Rocco behind. Now, he’s a beloved member of their family as well.

From their first meeting, Rocco and Roo were inseparable. They love to play together, roughhousing and tearing through the yard! At the end of a long day of playing, they curl up together on the bed, relishing the knowledge that these former strays are now beloved family pets.

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