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Identical Twins Separated At Birth Are Reunited After 33 Years Apart

November 14, 2017

33 years after being separated at birth, these twins sisters are reunited after finding each other on ‘23 and Me.’ Katey Bennet and Amanda Dunford meet face-to-face for the first time.

A little back-story: Katey was adopted as an infant after being found in a basket in Seoul, South Korea.
She grew up with an older brother in California and, until three years ago, never thought about the possibility of other siblings.

Amanda was adopted at a year old when her adoptive mom, on a visit to South Korea, saw her tied up at a street vendor. They adopted her immediately and were told that Amanda had a twin sister. Her mom inquired about adopting her as well but found out that Katey was already adopted. They were not given information about her whereabouts. Amanda grew up in Arizona knowing she had a twin somewhere in the world.

Fast forward 33 years and the two sisters had both registered for a genetic testing site called ‘23andMe.com’ when they got the match. Katey had a hunch she had a twin, call it 'Twin power." After taking the test, Katey received a message. "It said ‘You have one direct relative that’s taken this test,’" Bennett said. "And it gave me Amanda’s name and said 'identical twin sister."

Katey said, after finding out about her twin, she immediately took to social media and found Amanda. “It was surreal. Can you imagine, seeing these pictures with people who you have no idea who they are, and feeling like you should have these memories that are on film that you just don’t have?” she said. “And you can’t muster them up because you really don’t know these people, but it’s you in this picture.”

Katey's parents did their own DNA test at the same time. She said they were ecstatic by the discovery of Katey's twin. “My mom started crying, and she said, ‘I have another daughter!’”

While their DNA confirms they are identical twins, the two women grew up with different birthdays: Katey grew up thinking her birthdate was December 25, 1983, and Amanda's was thought to be January 13, 1984. “I think at this point we’ll keep the same birthdays,” Bennett said.

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