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When Maya Came Face To Face With A Water Bottle For The First Time, She Had A Complete Meltdown

February 19, 2018

German Shepherds are known for being brave and loyal companions, willing to battle anyone or anything if they need to defend their family. One three-month-old pup named Maya was ready to go to battle when she came across a little water bottle laying on the kitchen floor. Like any good dog, she checked it out curiously before deciding on her course of action.

Maya decided that her best course of action was to pounce on the water bottle and gently grasp it in her jaws. When barks didn’t work, she began to grow bold! Of course, Maya is still a tiny puppy and every time the bottle rolled towards her, she jumped back away from the scary little thing!

In the end, Maya apparently decides that although the water bottle is very weird and quite unusual, it isn’t exactly a threat to her or her family. As it rolls away, she merely watches with her head cocked. This is one brave pup who is certainly going to be a little defender of her family - especially when the threat isn’t a threat at all.