Young Boy With 'Butterfly Skin' Finally Gets To Meet His Heroes And Ends Up Changing Their Lives More Than They Change His

November 10, 2017

There are people in this world that have no idea just how much of a positive and life-changing impact they have on others. Marky is one of those individuals who has heroes that he wants to meet but has no idea how much of a hero he is to everyone who meets. Marky is very young, but from birth, he is dealt one of the hardest circumstances imaginable; one that shakes his family to their very core.

Marky is born with a degenerative disease known as "Butterfly Skin." Marky's disease makes it so that the genetic makeup that binds his skin together doesn't exist. So, instead of having the seven layers of skin a normal person would have, Marky only has one layer. This makes it, so any friction or rubbing causes a massive breakdown of the skin and causes the skin to fall off. Marky's mother had another son with the same disease that passed away in 2013.

Marky must attend doctor's visits on a weekly, if not a daily, basis. Many days, Marky's mother must wrap his limbs in bandages, and the young boy must get around in a wheelchair. Marky encounters painful procedures that would break even the strongest of people; Marky, however, keeps a smile on his face through it all. Marky, you see, has a secret weapon to help him through these difficult times, and that is his faith.

Marky has a particular band that he loves to listen to on a daily basis as well. The band is called Elevation Worship, and they are based out Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Marky refuses to go a day without listening to the band, and one song, called "Resurrecting," is his absolute favorite. In fact, Marky refuses to go into surgeries or any other procedures until doctors wrap his music speaker in sterile clothes so he can listen to his music during the proceedings. The doctors that tend to Marky are in awe of the young lad, every time he comes to the hospital.

Marky's Pastor reaches out to a friend that he has in North Carolina, who attends Elevation Church. Marky's Pastor sends his friend a video clip of Marky, worshiping to his favorite song while he is in the hospital. The Pastor's friend passes the video along to the band and, after hearing Marky's amazing story, the band members decide to arrange a surprise for Marky. Word gets back to Marky's Pastor that two of Marky's heroes in the band are making a special trip to come see the boy. When the Pastor tells Marky the news, the boy is at a loss for words.

The day arrives, and Marky is wheeled into the hospital to meet Chris Brown and Mack Brock, two of the leaders in the Elevation Worship Band. Marky's eyes go wide as his heroes approach him and give him gentle hugs. The two musicians let Marky know that his story is being spread all over North Carolina and the world. Mack tells Marky that he likes the hat the boy is wearing, which bears his favorite scripture, John 14:6. The boy's face lights up at the compliment, but his special day is just beginning.

Chris and Mack bring gifts for Marky which include new music for the boy to listen to, as well as t-shirts to wear and a poster to hang up in his room, all of which have been signed by the entire band. Mack and Chris also bring their guitars along and play Marky's favorite song and have an impromptu worship service. Marky and his parents have tears in their eyes because of the magnitude of blessings they encounter, seemingly by the minute on this day. As things are wrapping up, however, Marky has a surprise for Mack.

Marky calls Mack over and proceeds to give the musician the hat off of his head. Mack's eyes well up with tears as he takes the hat from the boy. In the midst of trying to bless Marky, Marky blesses Mack and Chris more than they could ever imagine. Mack asks Marky to sign the hat and tells the boy that he will cherish it forever. Needless to say, there isn't a dry eye in the room at this point.

No matter how long Marky is on this earth, one thing is certain; he will be a blessing to whoever meets him. Mack and Chris leave their meeting with Marky inspired and blessed, not only by the gift Marky gives, but by the way Marky lives. Marky's life is a beautiful portrait of great faith. Marky may not wear a cape, but he is a hero, all the same. You can hear more about Marky's story and his meeting with Elevation Worship HERE.

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