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11 reasons why grandparents are the most AMAZING humans on the planet.

March 28, 2017

My grandma is breaking all the molds. When you think of grandparents, you may think of walkers, nursing homes and grey hair. For some, this is true... but more often than not, we find grandparents are still enjoying life as though they were in their 30's... okay, maybe 50's.

The joke in my family is that my 94 year old grandma is going to out live us all. Born in August of 1923, the youngest of 6 children my grandma grew up in Seattle, Washington where she has lived her entire life in the greater Northwest. 

This firecracker of a women lives alone, still drives in Seattle traffic, tends to her garden, golfs, she spends hours a week volunteering at a local thrift shop and she goes on cruises with all her single friends several times a year.

Couple years ago my grandma drove me around downtown Seattle to meet up with the rest of our family. I remember sitting shotgun thinking about how I was both thrilled and terrified all at the same time as she weaved and navigated through the stop and go traffic. I held on tight to the seat with amazement and terror, as my 92 year old grandma was having a case of road rage because the cars in front of her were not moving at the speed she expected. Oh, grandma.

Recently, I got the privilege to go on a vacation with my grandma. I took advantage of this opportunity as I don't know if or when I will get the chance to do it again. She told me stories of her childhood, gave me wisdom for my life and shared experiences of how life always turns out way better than we expect. I'm so grateful for this experience and the wisdom she has imparted into my life.

Here are 11 surprising facts about grandparents...

 1. Grandparents love being grandparents... okay, that's not a surprise!

  • 90% talk about their grandkids to just about anyone and everyone. 
  • 72% think being a grandparent is the single most important role in their life.

via theodysseyonline.com

2. They are younger than before.

  • 60% are baby boomer grandparents.

3. Grandparents are active.

  • 43% exercise and play sports.
  • 28% volunteer on a regular basis. 

4. Grandparents work.  

  • 60% have full time jobs

5. Grandparents are more adventurous than ever before.

  • 18% dance
  • 17% have attended a rally
  • 15% have demonstrated for a cause
  • 10% have a tattoo
  • 6% have started a blog
  • 3% have run a marathon
  • 2% have gone skydiving


via Huffingtonpost.com

6. Many are in relationships.

  • 33% of us have been married more than once. 

7. Grandparents are trendy. Grey hair is in!!

  • 50% of the populaton will have grey hair by 50 but don't fret, you started a trend among the young people of the world. 

8. Grandparents just want to have fun!

  • They spend $100 billion each year on entertainment.
  • They spend $77 billion each year on travel.

9. Grandparents have money.

  • They control 75% of the wealth in America. Our average net worth is over 250,000.
  • 55% of grandparents have no mortgage. (I can't even imagine)

10. Grandparents are givers.

  • They give 45% of the nation's csh contributions to nonprofits.

11. GRANDPARNTS LOVE TO SPEND TIME WITH THEIR GRANDCHILDREN... not a surprise again. We all know this to be true!

  • 60% wish they could live even closer.
  • 70% see their grandchildren at least once a week.
  • 66% travel with their grandchildren.
  • 81% have their grandkids for part or all of their summer vacation.
  • 72% of us take care of our grandchildren on a regular basis
  • 13% are primary caregivers.

Statistics via grandparents.com via docdreyfus.com

Where would we be without our grandparents in our lives? As a grand child I am so grateful to have my grandma in my life!! There is nothing and there is no one who could ever take her place.

Thank you grandma for being the best grandma to me!! xoxo 

Don't forget to tell your grandparents today how much you love them.