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THIS is What Happens When A 3-Year-Old Decides To Pack His Own Lunch

April 27, 2017

We all know that kids say the darnedest things. They also have a proven track record that they DO the darnedest things as well.

Children have such an innocent view of the world and their hilarious tactics are generally backed up by innocent intentions.

Any parent knows this to be true and likely has a huge list of the over-the-top hysterical things their child has done at one point or another.


A dad named Andy Rine knows this all too well. He recently posted a photo to Reddit of something his son did that has made the internet laugh tremendously!

His son, Adam, decided that he would be a big boy and pack his own lunch one day. In an obvious child fashion, he understood the importance of making sure that snack time would be covered. He decided to fill his lunchbox completely full of cheese balls!


Good Housekeeping

In an interview with Babble, Andy said that he had stepped into the other room to get his youngest daughter, Alicia, from her crib. "While I was gone, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a large container of cheese puffs his grandparents had given him in his Easter basket," he said.

Parents all over the internet have been commenting with hilariously relatable tales and it seems that other small children - and adults - all share the same feeling about cheese balls. If you overlook the nutritional value of the bright orange spheres of goodness, what's not to love really?!

Has your child or grandchild ever done something hilarious like this?

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