5 Of The Most Interesting Facts About 'Everybody Loves Raymond' And Its Cast

December 19, 2017

"Everybody Loves Raymond" was one of the most beloved television shows ever! During its nine-year run, it brought us thousands of laughs. In fact, it was so beloved that their reruns are still watched twelve years after the show came to an end. Thankfully, every year we continue to learn more about the show and its cast, so we’re sure to have laughs for years to come!

1. Brad Garrett, who played Robert, was not the biggest fan of Ray Romano when the show first started! In fact, when he first met Ray, he thought the show was going to be doomed from the start! Over time, Ray eventually won over Brad with his jokes and easy smile, and the two have been friends ever since!

2. Peter Boyle almost missed his audition for the role of Frank! When his audition time arrived, the guards at the studio gate wouldn’t let him in! Then, when he did make it inside, he couldn’t find a parking space! As if that wasn’t bad enough, he then couldn’t find the room where auditions were being held. By the time he finally found the room, he was stressed out and frustrated. His anger made him the perfect fit for the role of Frank!

3. For the show’s eighth season, Ray Romano earned around $1.7 million per episode! This made him the highest paid actor on television! Even the cast of "Friends" earned "only" $1 million per episode for seasons eight through ten! When he signed the contract in May 2003, he earned $50 million for his work!

4. Maggie Wheeler, who played the Barone’s friend Linda, was originally set to be cast as Debra! She was the preferred choice by the producers, but CBS decided to go with Patricia Heaton. CBS made the decision because they worried that she was “too ethnic” for the part and it would turn potential viewers off of the show!

5. During the show’s nine-year run, they were nominated for 69 Emmy awards! Of the nominations, they won 15 of them! While that may not be as many as "Game of Thrones," which has earned 106 nominations and won 35 of them, to date, it’s definitely a show that’s done quite well.