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5 Ways Your Body Lets You Know You’re Ingesting Too Much Sugar

January 04, 2018

Oh, sugar. How we adore thee. Your delicious qualities and your way of bringing life to a simple dish make you utterly irresistible. Unfortunately, you don’t hold us in the same high regard as we do you, and you make it known in some pretty serious ways!

Despite its seemingly wonderful qualities, sugar can have some pretty nasty effects on our bodies if we don’t consume it with caution. If you have noticed your body behaving a bit differently, it might be time to check out the cause. Below are eight different ways your body will alert you of too much sugar. If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, take heed and make changes to ensure a healthier life!

Skin Issues

We all dream of having flawless, doll-like skin. While this may be easier for some to achieve than others, too much sugar in your diet can quite easily hinder your healthy-skin journey. Sugar can affect the collagen and elastin in your skin, causing premature aging and causing the skin to lose some of its strength. The best way to remedy this issue is to cut back on sugar and replace it with lots of water and skin-nourishing teas.

Strong Cravings

If sugar seems hard for you to shake, you’re not alone. Sugar is one of the most addicting foods on the planet, and it can be aggravating to break the desire for it. If you feel that you’re being held captive by these dreadful cravings, the best way to combat them is by filling your body with healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Select foods such as salmon, avocados, blueberries, and a host of other options instead. It might seem defeating at first, but before long, you’ll catch yourself strolling right past the pastry section and toward the healthy choices!

Dental Issues

This issue might come as no surprise. A clean bill of health from your dentist and sugar don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Sugar, when combined with the bacteria in your mouth, can lead to many dental issues such as cavities and the breakdown of enamel.

Weight Gain and Fatigue

Sugar is no friend to your waistline. It’s considered empty calories, meaning that even though you’re consuming food, your body doesn’t get satisfied. When this happens, you begin to eat more in an attempt to fill up your stomach. The extra calories pack on unnecessary pounds, leaving you feeling sluggish and low on energy. Unlike foods chocked full of fuel to get you through the day, sugar gives you an immediate spike of energy. This energy lasts for only a short time before your crash - hard.

Stomach Pain and Inflammation

Sugar causes an imbalance in your gut health. Issues such as Leaky Gut Syndrome can be caused by an excess of sugar. It also causes inflammation all over the body and can eventually lead to various diseases and even cancer.

While sugar might be pleasant in the moment, it isn’t worth the health issues that come alongside it. The next time you find yourself drooling over donuts at your local bakery, stop and think about your options. Grab a nutrient-dense snack instead, and your body will seriously thank you for it!

Have you experienced any of these signs before?

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