6-Year-Old 'Glass' Girl Has Broken Nearly Every Bone In Her Body. You Won't Believe Her Incredible Story

April 06, 2017

Meet the adorable 6-year-old Zoe! She was born with osteogenesis imperfecta or OI.

OI is caused by defective genes and it results in extremely fragile bones. There is a 1 in 50,000 chance of having this condition.

Zoe's parents, Curtis and Chelsea, found out Zoe had the condition while Chelsea was pregnant.

Little Zoe had already broken bones while she was in the womb, as well as breaking more during birth.

Specialists suggested that they terminate the pregnancy. Curtis and Chelsea knew that wasn't an option. They would love their little girl no matter what.

They were told it was a possibility that little Zoe wouldn't even reach her first birthday. But she did.

By the time Zoe turned one, she had already broken over 100 bones.

Her parents have now stopped counting the number of broken bones because it's simply too many to keep track of.

When Zoe was born they kept her in the hospital for a week to monitor her condition. In the beginning, it took 3 people to change her diapers. One to hold her legs, one to hold her arms and one to swap out the diaper. This was necessary to try to protect her from breaking bones from the natural startle reflex. Curtis left a half an inch space, Zoe was startled and hit his hand, breaking bones in her arm.

I can't even imagine!?

Now that Zoe is a bit older, she wants to be able to play like all the other kids. They enjoy going to the only wheelchair accessible park in the area, where she can play with the other children.

Zoe is such an incredible little girl! Her smile is contagious!

There is no cure for OI but there are ways for them to control the pain that comes with breaking bones. Advancements have come a long way and her parents are hopeful that more discoveries will be made to help Zoe as she grows up.

Watch her unbelievable story below!

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