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Tripp Halstead, 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Struck By Fallen Tree Limb, Dies After Years Of Continued Complications

March 16, 2018

October 29th, 2012 began as any other day; Stacy Halstead and her son, Trip, drove to daycare, she kissed him goodbye, and she headed to work.


Only two hours after dropping Tripp off at daycare, Stacy got a phone call that changed her entire life. Tripp, only two-years-old, had been struck by a fallen tree branch. He was unconscious.

Stacy arrived at the hospital to hear the most devastating news; her little boy would not make it more than a couple days. They said that his brain was beginning to swell uncontrollably and that his body would shut down. They told her it was a matter of when not if.


But little Tripp was an overcomer. His body healed at an unbelievable rate and doctors watched as he continued living and developing into a seemingly healthy little boy. The freak accident gain worldwide attention and Stacy started a Facebook Page so that she could keep the world updated on his miraculous recovery.

In November of 2015, three years after the accident, Tripp overcame another obstacle that doctors never thought they’d see: he spoke for the first time. Tripp was a walking and breathing miracle. His story brought hope to people around the world.


On the five-year anniversary of the accident, Tripp's mother spoke to a local news station saying: "Time is a crazy thing. I’m just so thankful that Tripp is still here and giving me more joy than I could have ever imagined. I love him more every single day. He is my world and I’m so proud of him.”


Stacy shared every major milestone with followers; the highs were celebrated and the lows were supported in love. She, and so many others, were grateful for the miraculous life that Tripp was living after beating so many odds.

On March 15, 2018, things began taking a turn for the worse. Stacy noticed that Tripp was having a difficult time breathing. After multiple attempts at the hospital to assist Tripp, he passed away. He was seven years old.

The family announced the heartbreaking news on social media. Tripp was a beloved little boy who will be missed by millions. Please pray for his family during this devastating time.

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