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Abandoned and Left to Die, This Animal was Orphaned Because of His Mutant Looks. When one Woman Realized What He was, She was Shocked

February 26, 2018

Meet Whipper! No one could tell what this “thing” was when he was born. They knew what he should have looked like, but the reality was that he looked nothing like what he was supposed to look like. His owners abandoned him and left him to die because of his shocking looks. That’s when a hero stepped in took him in. This is his story!

If you had to guess what Whipper was, what would you say? Some popular guesses were a green mutated cat or a fuzzy caterpillar, or a relative of The Grinch. But all of those guesses are wrong!

Whipper is actually a bird- He’s a parakeet! But, he’s not just any parakeet, he’s a mutant parakeet!

Whipper’s first owners were appalled when they say Whipper for the first time. They couldn’t get over his unique appearance and decided that they weren’t going to have anything to do the little guy.

He was left alone to die when one woman, Julie, spotted his vibrant green feathers. She was intrigued by his design and when she found out that he was a mutant parakeet, she immediately adopted him. Now, whipper has a real chance at a beautiful and safe life, despite his physical appearance.

Whipper is the talk of his little town in New Zealand. Everyone knows him as “The Green Bird.” Whipper loves being pet all day long and sitting on people’s hands.

Whipper also makes the cutest little sounds, too! That’s actually how he got his name; he makes little chirps throughout the day and believe me when I say, it is the cutest thing ever! Check the video for yourself!


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