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Queen Elizabeth Has Finally Revealed How She Feels About Harry and Meghan And Her Response Is Astonishing The World

July 23, 2018

On May 19th, 2018, Prince Harry of Wales married American Meghan Markle. On that day, more than 29 million viewers witness their nuptials as they became husband and wife and the official Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

After two years of dating and six months of being engaged, the world was able to fall in love with Meghan right alongside Harry. But before the world fell in love with Meghan, Harry did everything his power to keep their relationship private. It was during these first six months that Harry’s family got to know Meghan. Sure enough, they adored Meghan and all that she offered.

At first, Royal fans were certain that Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t approve of Meghan, after all, she was a divorced American actress. And the last time an American actress crashed the scene of The Royal Family, King Edward VIII abdicated the throne.

But from what the public can tell, the Queen adores Meghan for her grandson! In fact, the Queen was so thrilled for the wedding that she suggested St. George’s Chapel as the wedding venue for the May 19th nuptials (St. George’s Chapel is on the Windsor Palace grounds, which is where the Queen currently resides) and floral arrangements from the Royal Parks. She even gifted the couple with York Cottage on her Sandringham Estate!

With Her Majesty showing such generosity, fans were shocked to see Queen Elizabeth photographed looking dismal during the wedding ceremony. Fans had begun to wonder if her opinion of Meghan Markle had changed…

But then, just weeks after the wedding, the Queen and Meghan went on their first solo trip together. The Queen was photographed looking the happiest we’ve seen in several months! As she laughed alongside her newest daughter-in-law, the two appeared to be thick as thieves.

However, some royal fans weren’t entirely convinced by Meghan’s their relationship. But after in mid-July, just three months after the wedding, the Queen revealed how she really felt about Harry and Meghan and now, the whole world can’t stop talking about.

Queen Elizabeth offered Harry and Meghan Adelaide Cottage! According to The Daily Mail, the Queen gave Harry and Meghan the Windsor Castle estate as a newlywed gift! Since the cottage is on the Windsor property, the couple will likely be spending a lot of time with their grandmother!

What do you think of the Queen’s gift of Adelaide Cottage? With her generosity, we think her feelings on the couple are pretty clear- she loves Harry and Meghan together!


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