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Adorable Puppy And His Owner Get Into The Cutest Heated Debate Of All Time

March 02, 2018

When artist Aaron Dissell got a Husky puppy, he knew he was going to be in for a heck of a time! Huskies may make amazing pets, but only for the right person! You have to be willing to give them all of the exercise they need and make sure they use their brain enough too. If you don’t train them enough, they can become little monsters who are determined to destroy your home.

Of course, I don’t think Aaron realized what he was getting into when he laid down on the couch with his pup for a bit of relaxation. The pup began to back at him, and so he began to argue with the pup, the smile clear on his face as he argued. The pup wasn’t willing to take that lying down of course, and so he barked back, turning it into the cutest heated argument of all time.

When the little pup got too excited he began to nibble on his paw, and Aaron begins to call his little pup a baby. These two are so adorable together that we can’t help but wonder how great their relationship will truly be as time goes on. Clearly, they’re meant to be the best of friends!