This Great Dad Packed His Daughter's Lunch For 13 Years And Left Her The Best Note On The Last Day Of School

June 07, 2017

 Did your mom or dad ever pack your lunch and leave you sweet notes? I used to love the cheery little notes with smiley faces on them from my mom! It was a great feeling knowing someone was thinking about me and wanted me to have a little smile in my day. 


Can you remember being a little kid and really really wanting something like an orange, but you just couldn't get it peeled? That was so frustrating, especially at school. Wouldn't it have been nice to have your oranges pre-peeled for you?


 Meg Sullivan's dad did just that, for 13 years he packed her lunch, with pre-peeled oranges and all! I know many of you may be thinking that she should have learned to peel oranges by the age of 18 and of course, she could, but her dad continued to peel them as a joke as she got older. 

She tweeted the picture below of the sweet note her dad left her with her first oranges to peel herself, complete with instructions on how to peel an orange! 

  Via Twitter

What a SWEET dad! Meg and her dad have a very close relationship and while she was unsure about stepping into adulthood, the note and that first self-peeled orange at school helped her to be ready to start a new adventure at college. I think Meg will treasure this letter for a long time! 

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