After Tragic Accident, Cyclist Forgives Woman Who Left Him Paralyzed. The Power Of Forgiveness Heals Her Broken Spirit

October 30, 2017

There are times in every single one of our lives that we need forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the only things in life that is given freely, even when it is undeserved. A woman named Freya Markowski knows this fact, better than most people. Freya's life changed in an instant, one evening when she decided to go out for a drive.

Freya suffers from Bipolar Disorder and recently stopped taking the medications that are meant to help her. She got into her car and drove away from her home. During her drive, Freya began hearing voices in her head which left her in a panic-stricken state, and also took her focus off of the road. With the lack of medication in her system, combined with her inattentiveness, Freya crashed into something in the darkness.

Freya slammed on her breaks and got out of her vehicle; within seconds, she saw what was lying the road. Freya screamed as she realized that she'd hit a man on a bicycle. Freya ran over and checked to see if the man, named David Francisco, was alive. Amazingly, David was breathing and coherent. Freya called 9-1-1. When the paramedics arrived they transported David to the hospital. Freya was shaken but glad that David was alive. It wasn't until David got to the E.R., however, that Freya learned the extent of the damage.

Freya discovered that David's spinal cord was damaged, which left David paralyzed. Freya was overwhelmed with the guilt she felt and left the hospital, broken and distraught. Freya turned to drugs and, eventually, found herself in the hospital due to a drug overdose. As Freya started her road to recovery, she wrote a long letter of apology to David, telling him how guilty she felt for the damage she had done. Freya had no idea that as she was writing her letter of apology, David was looking for her as well.

Freya's letter reached David in the hospital and, after reading the letter, David determined in his heart to find Freya and let her know that her guilt was unfounded and that he had already forgiven her. David got word to Freya that he was doing just fine and that he held no grudges against her for the accident. David knew that Freya didn't mean to hurt him so he had no issue with forgiving her.

David even sent his father to stand in his stead at Freya's court hearing. David's father told the judge that David was doing great and that David wanted all the charges against Freya dropped immediately. The judge conceded, and Freya walked out of the court, free of guilt and shame. Freya, however, was determined to meet David face-to-face to tell him how grateful she was for his forgiveness.

The meeting between Freya and David finally happens at a local coffee shop. The two of them embrace for what seems like hours and, when they break apart and Freya sees the smile on David's face, she is finally able to forgive herself fully. David informs Freya that his physical therapy has been going well and, day-by-day, he’s coming closer to gaining the use of his legs once again!

What started in tragedy ends in a beautiful friendship - showing the world that, no matter what the circumstance, forgiveness, and love can heal the most broken spirit.

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