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After Weighing In At A Whopping 78 Pounds, Gus Has A Dramatic Transformation, Going From ‘World’s Largest Corgi’ To ‘World’s Biggest Loser’

November 01, 2017

One of my favorite animals of all time is a Corgi dog. If you’ve ever seen one, then you know that they are utterly adorable - with their long bodies and short stature, friendly faces, and perhaps their most notable feature of all, their posh little bottoms. Corgis are known for their unique appearance and sweet personality.

In 2008, Guys was named the “World’s Largest Corgi” weighing in at a hefty 78 pounds! For a dog that is less than a foot tall and under 22 pounds, a weight of 78-pounds is unheard of! Gus was still a puppy when he took the title. To him, his life seemed pretty awesome; he was eating all the time and taking naps with his senior owner - that life doesn’t seem too shabby!

As you might expect from their lifestyle, both Gus and his owner experienced a decline in their health. Only weeks after Gus claimed the title, his owner passed away. For the next six months, Gus stayed with an extended family member. There, he and the family’s dog did not get along and constantly fought. After much consideration, the family called a Corgi rescue group to collect him.

Gus was then taken into the home of a Corgi specialist, who was truly shocked at Gus’ size. He had never seen a Corgi that big. The transition of Gus into his newest owner’s house was very hard for him; he was so depressed that he couldn’t eat for three days!

Gus’ outlook began to turn around when he met his new brothers; his latest owner had two sons that had been away during Gus’ first couple of days in his new home. But once he met his new siblings, Billy (aged five) and J.C. (aged three), he quickly turned his frown upside down!

The following days were as if a miracle had taken place. Upon meeting Billy and J.C., Gus’ attitude changed entirely!! He was friendlier and would cuddle more, and he even had the energy to play instead of sleeping all day! With the combination of some daily exercise, a change in his eating patterns, and playing with his two best-friend brothers, Gus’ weight began to drop!

After only one month, Gus had lost two pounds. Then, only three months later, he was down to 58 pounds! Not only was he losing unhealthy fat, he was gaining joy in his life! His owners recall the transformation as truly inspiring to watch. By November, only ten months after they having taken Gus in, he was down to 33 pounds - a total loss of 41 pounds!

Gus’ owners are so grateful that they got him when they did. In addition to the obvious transformation in Gus, the family believes they have also been transformed - by the love this charming canine brings to their family. Corgis are known for their companionship and kindness, and Gus truly did not disappoint. Now, he is happier, healthier, and altogether loving his life! His story is truly wonderful!

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