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After Years Of Living In A Basement, This Poodle Is Finally Free From A Life Of Torture At The Hands Of Backyard Breeders

December 15, 2017

How awful would it be to not see the light of day? Well, that is the life that poor B.B. lived. She was found in the basement of a home that was being raided for being a puppy mill. This sweet mama was caged and had been caged for years.


According to the local Humane Society who conducted the raid, B.B. had clearly been bred repeatedly as her body showed signs of wear and tear. B.B. had lived her life in the basement of a home in North Carolina until the day everything changed. Animal rescuers heard of the inhumane home and knew they had to do something to help. When they found B.B. she was scared, alone, and teeny-tiny.

After B.B. was discovered she was immediately taken to an animal hospital where she was given a full examination and treated for neglect. Free but very timid, B.B. remained in the corner of her room at the hospital. She didn't know what to do with her new-found freedom. Brenda, the receptionist at the hospital, fell in love with her and knew she needed to take her home.

B.B. took some time but, eventually, she came around. She is now running and playing and is one happy dog. Thanks to Brenda and animal rescuers who gave this beautiful mama a new start. If you are wanting to add an animal to your family, check with your local animal shelters. There are plenty of dogs there, like B.B, wanting and needing a new start. 

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