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Alice’s Skin Started To Turn To Stone From Horrific Skin Disease. No One Thought She Would Survive, Until Rescuers Refused To Give Up On Her

March 06, 2018

Alice was living the hard life, alone of the cruel streets of India. She had no place to call home, and no one to look after her. She had to dig for food among the trash that lines the street and was having a hard time surviving. Everything got worse for her when she managed to become infected with mange from another stray.

Mange is a horrific disease and it caused her fur to fall out, leaving her unprotected from the harsh elements and beating sunlight. By the time rescuers found Alice curled up on the seat of an abandoned car, mange had begun to build up a thick crust on her fur, almost turning her to stone. It was sapping her strength and leaving her unable to even get up to find food for herself.

Alice was too sick to run when they approached her, and only lifted her head when they offered her food. Her nails were long and surely painful to walk on as if the mange and starvation weren’t bad enough. Things were clearly looking bad for her, but they quickly wrapped her up in a blanket and swept her away to safety, back to their rescue.

When they began to treat her for mange, it was clearly uncomfortable for her and she was in a bit of pain. When they started to give her a bath, they were able to wash the past off of her. They were able to remove the dirt and grime, as well as most of the scabs but they couldn’t remove some of the other marks, like the marks of having to have puppies alone on the streets.

Six weeks after being saved, she was back to being a healthy pup. She was able to run and play with the other dogs in the rescue and got the chance to live the life she was always meant to live. With the help of rescues like Animal Aid Unlimited, dogs like Alice have the chance to live the kind of life they were always meant to.