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Anjel Has Been Rescued But Her Mistreatment Continues To Haunt Her, Leaving Her Too Traumatized To Leave Her Corner. How Will Rescuers Ever Gain Her Trust And Help This Sweet Girl Live A Better Life?

February 21, 2018

It’s a wonderful thing when a dog is rescued from an unimaginably horrific situation, and most people think that once they are out of their abusive homes, these sweet pets jump right into their new and better lives, never looking back.

Well, unfortunately, this is not usually the case. The mistreatment these precious animals experience forms their personalities and often leave them as anti-social ruins of their former selves. Just as with humans, tender loving care and patience and understanding from someone who knows what to do is needed for these tragic victims to recover from the atrocities they endured.

When Anjel was whisked away from her abusive situation, the brave professionals from Paws Animal Rescue had no idea how broken she truly was. It wasn’t long before they began noticing some rather unusual behavior and it was like nothing they had ever seen before.

The moment Anjel entered the shelter, she quickly walked to the corner, turned away from her rescuers and faced the wall, and simply refused to leave as long as anyone was in the room.

It was plain to see that the sweet girl considered this lonely corner a safe haven. God only knows what manner of abuse precipitated this disturbing and sad move.

For two whole days, no matter what the shelter people did, Anjel would not leave her sanctuary. In fact, she would not even venture out to eat, unless of course, no one was around. Then, she would immediately return to her spot, with her back to the rest of the room.

With few ideas on how to help, they came up with the idea of bringing her a friend. Maybe canine companionship could do something that the human variety couldn't do. They went back to the same pound where they had retrieved Anjel and rescued another pup that they thought could have been her brother.

From the moment Cliff walked through the door, Anjel’s personality began to change. Finally, she appeared to be able to trust someone, even if it was the four-legged variety! At least it was a good sign that there was a glimmer of hope for the sad but sweet girl's future.

Now, a mere six months after first coming to the shelter, Anjel is a completely a different dog. She is lively, happy, and full of personality. She no longer feels the need to hide in a corner and has learned to trust again.

Thanks to the compassionate people at Paws Animal Rescue and one sweet fellow named Cliff, Anjel now has a new lease on life. She no longer has to worry about being scared, hurt, or alone. From now on, she will have a family around her that truly loves her and would never, ever do anything to hurt her.

To see Anjel‘s entire story, watch the video, below.

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