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Artist Photoshopped Actor Steve Buscemi Into Hilarious Situations That are Sure To Leave You Laughing

December 12, 2017

Steve Buscemi is a famous actor and director whom everyone can’t help but love! He’s been involved with many amazing movies like “Con Air,” “New York Stories,” and even “Parting Glances.” Steve has been winning hearts over with his acting skills since his debut in the 1985 film, “The Way It Is.”

He’s so beloved that he has a lot of fans who love him to the moon and back, and sometimes they create some truly fabulous things. One artist has created one of the most hysterical Instagram accounts we’ve seen in a long time, and they’ve done it using nothing more than their imagination and their love for Steve! He takes funny photographs and photoshops Steve’s face onto them, leading to some amazing photographs that are sure to leave you laughing.

1. Steve Buscemi’s Pizza Parlor, how do you like your pizza?

2. Here he goes on an adventure, wading through the swamp!

3. Steve needed to borrow her bike so he wouldn’t be late to work!

4. It looks like his kayaking trip isn’t going quite the way he planned it.

5. This is one Thanksgiving dinner that is sure to be a winner!

6. Steve is an amazing tree climber, just look at how well he’s doing!

7. He should try out for the Olympic Pole Vault this year!

8. Did you know Steve was in the last Star Wars movie? Looks like he did a good job to me!

9. Dr. Steve is here make sure to you’re brushing your teeth and flossing!

10. Steve must really like pizza because here he is dancing with a slice!

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