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Artists Creates Massive Sculptures With Shocking Material. When You See His Creations, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

February 21, 2018

Many times, art begs the opinion of the phrase, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Well, with Benjamin Shine’s art, there is no begging the difference of opinion; It’s quite obvious that his creations are undeniably extraordinary.

When Benjamin Shine first began experimenting with different techniques and materials, he was in college. His preference for the fashion material tulle took off as he played with it more and more. He loved the mystery of it and said, “It’s fluid; it’s there and it’s not there. That’s really interesting to me as a concept.” What he did next is nothing short of incredible.

He loved the challenge of creating massive sculptures that represented people simply because it was so difficult. After hundreds of hours devoted to projects, his creations are uniquely breathtaking and massive. Each creation is unbelievable and sometimes, he even surprises himself with the finished product.

His work is so detailed that he's been known to work for more than 20 hours without stopping; he gets carried away in the art! When he steps back to look at his masterpieces, he is without words.  

Check out the video below to see how his creations come to completion. Have you ever seen anything so unique? We are at a loss for words- are you?


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