As William Breaks His Promise To Her, The Duchess of Cambridge Is Said To Be 'Very Disappointed' In Him

When a person gets married he or she becomes well-aware that there is now another person whom must be taken into consideration when decisions are made. For the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this is definitely the case.

In addition to the normal compromises that occur in an average marriage, Kate had to make some drastic adjustments as she became a member of the Royal Family, a task that surely had its challenges.

William also had to make some adjustments. There was one hobby that he absolutely loved that his bride requested that he curtail, and keeping that promise has not been so easy for the formerly "free-wheeling" Prince.

An avid biker, the Duke has been riding since he was eight years old and has owned several bikes over the years. In addition to riding for sport, he also hopped on the two-wheeled vehicle for good causes.

In 2008 William and brother Harry took part in a "grueling motorcycle rally across South Africa" to raise money for charity.

According to People, "William has had a need for speed in recent weeks. He got the opportunity to test drive a bike during a visit to the headquarters of Triumph Motorcycles last month."

There, he slipped a reflective jacket on over his blazer and sweater for a quick ride on the Triumph Tiger 1200.

The royal has been open about his love of motorcycles in the past, though his wife, Kate Middleton has previously said that the prospect of William on a motorcycle scares her (not enough to stop him from doing it, however!)

Kate Said To Be 'Very Disappointed' that her husband is inching his way back into his old habits. "It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it." The Duchess was reported to have said.

Her husband, however, has another opinion about his most recent ride, saying it "was very nice but not long enough."

It has always been an enthusiastic hobby for him, but he has also tried to take his wife's feelings into consideration.

It is said that the Duchess asked William to promise to give up what she considers to be a dangerous sport and to focus on his family. For the most part, The Duke has been able to keep that promise.

That is until he took that tour of the Triumph plant last month. There he took a spin on the Triumph Tiger 1200, and when Kate saw the snaps of his ride, she was said to have been "very disappointed" in William.

The Duke previously owned a £20,000 Ducati he famously rode around London on the night before his wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011. Perhaps a "last hurrah" before his promise to his soon-to-be wife went into effect?

Kate loves William, of course, and wants him to be happy, but she cannot ignore the fact that there is a potential risk every time her husband hops on his ride, and would definitely prefer he gave it up.

In the meantime, she grits her teeth and accepts it, but hangs desperately to one hope.

The Sun reveals, "Kate hopes their son, Prince George, won’t inherit his dad’s love of motorcycles. She said: 'Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it!'"

And now, with the birth of their third child said to be happening "any day," we hope that The Duke can restrain himself, if for no other reason than to allay the fears of his wife who is about to give birth!

To see more about William's "obsession" with motorbiking, watch the video, below.

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