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Austin Bomber Revealed Chilling Details Of His Plans Online Before Killing Himself

March 21, 2018

The case of the Austin Bomber drew to a close on the morning of March 21, as the bomber blew himself up to avoid being caught by the police. The Austin Bomber has been identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt from Plugerville, Texas. Police has located his vehicle staying a hotel in the small suburb of Round Rock, and had begun a stakeout while they waited for armored vehicles to arrive.


Before they could move in to make the arrest, his vehicle began to drive away and police were forced to pursue him. During the pursuit, he drove into a ditch. When the SWAT team approached, Conditt detonated an explosive device, killing himself and sending one officer flying off of his feet.


Supposedly, there was a member on the popular online forum, Reddit, who was posting under the name of AustinBomber. Police have not yet announced whether or not this was truly his social media account, but he did seem to reveal a lot of details on the bombs. Reddit members do believe that he was truly the Austin Bomber, but only time will tell.


Police are unsure if there are any other bombs in the community that could be a threat. It is possible that he had already made and deployed multiple other bombs that could go off at any time, so police urge citizens to continue to call in if they find a mysterious package. Police are still investigating the motivations behind the bombing, but no longer believe it to be racially motivated. They also are not yet sure if Conditt was acting alone at this time.