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Heartbroken Mother Reveals The Body Of 14-Week Old Son After Miscarriage; After Sharing Images On Facebook, She Receives Life-Changing Message

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November 01, 2018

When Sharran Sutherland found out she was pregnant at 40 years old, she was thrilled.

In the first several weeks of her pregnancy, Sharon and her husband, Michael, had shared their exciting news with their family and 11 other children. The family was beyond excited to grow and welcome their newest little one. But just 14 weeks into her pregnancy, Sharron learned the devastating news her baby was without a heartbeat.

In an early sonogram, Sharran’s doctor revealed that her baby without a heartbeat. Rather than waiting for Sharon to respond, the doctor immediately urged Sharran to have a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure to cut the baby out of her womb. Sharran was outraged.

As a born-again Christian, Sharran couldn’t bear the thought of her baby coming out in pieces. Rather, she asked to be induced and delivered the baby naturally on April 23rd- 173 days before the baby’s October due date.

When she believed the baby, Sharran and Michael were both thrilled and devastated to learn that their baby was a sweet baby boy. They named their son Miran. After meeting with a funeral director, they decided that they wouldn’t bury their son in a cemetery, but rather they would bury him at home.

While contemplating how on earth she would say goodbye to her son, Sharran found herself completely overwhelmed by her son’s development at just 14-weeks old. According to Sharran’s pictures of Baby Miran, he had perfectly formed hands, feet, a face. Sharran was astounded to see him so developed.

Knowing that her actions might cause controversy, Sharran decided that she needed to share her pictures of Baby Miran before burying him. On October 12th, her Miran’s due date, Sharran posted pictures of Miran’s hands, feet, and face on her Facebook. She wrote that he was perfectly developed and whole. Her hopes were that someone would see her post and think against having an abortion.

Sharran shared, “I think because I shared what he really looked like, and because I shared my view [on abortion], I know some people say I've turned this into a political thing which wasn't my view or hope. I hoped that if he could help someone who is contemplating and thinking about abortion, if a woman can see and have all the information in front of her, then she can make a better choice.”

Sharran’s pictures of her son caused a massive spark on social media and led even one friend to move forward with her pregnancy even though she was heavily considering an abortion. She shared, “A friend] was going to get an abortion because she and the father were young and he wanted her to abort. But she had seen my pictures of Miran, and when she did she couldn't go through with it. She couldn't kill her child. I couldn't believe that he had touched somebody. I had hoped for it but if it was someone that close, it was amazing.”

Please join us in praying for Sharran as she navigates the loss of her sweet son. And please pray for other mother’s who have tragically miscarried children.

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