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Baby Seal Trapped In Muddy Marshlands And Protected Only By Cows. When Onlooker Realizes, He Leaps Into Action

November 02, 2017

Every once in awhile, you come across a story that leaves you absolutely speechless. This is one of those stories. What appears as a typical animal tale quickly takes a turn with the introduction of one very out-of-place addition. Let’s just say that no one saw this story coming; it’s truly one of a kind.

It all began when bird watcher, Ellis, was out enjoying the views at the Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve in the United Kingdom. He was just setting out for a day of relaxation and sightseeing when he began to set up his telescope for the first time. As per usual, he scanned the marshlands, not seeing anything in particular. As he scanned the horizon, he noticed something crazy, off in the distance.


He first noticed a large herd of cows. His first thought was, “This doesn’t sound like anything suspicious.” Ellis was a regular out at the marshlands, however, and had never seen cows standing so still. He knew something was off. He adjusted the telescope to get a closer look, and that’s when he noticed it…

Ellis couldn’t believe his eyes but, as he peered into the telescope, he saw a baby seal. Yes, you read that correctly: He saw a seal!! Ellis was completely shocked and he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he was staring at a seal, surrounded by cows, in the middle of marshlands. How in the world could that happen? he wondered.

Ellis immediately called rescuers. Before they arrived, the rescuers thought for sure Ellis had been imagining things. However, as soon as they arrived, they saw for themselves that Ellis was correct and that there actually was a seal in the marshlands! As soon as they got closer, they wasted no time in rescuing the seal pup.

Rescuers promptly brought him to the Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary where he was immediately given food and warm blankets. Experts were shocked that the little guy had ended up so far away from the sea and into the muddy marshlands, especially since he was so young. They could only assume that he had washed up onto the far lands while the tide was high and wasn’t strong enough to make it out of the mud after the tides went down. Doctors also worried for his life because he was quite dehydrated and malnourished, and he had a lung infection.

Without wasting any time, they got the seal pup the care he needed. They even gave him a name - “Celebration” - as they deemed his discovery quite a glorious moment. Shortly after being at the seal sanctuary, Celebration was healthy enough to return to his native home in the sea.

Ellis will never forget the day he spotted the protective cows and the baby seal in the marsh. He says that he will always be grateful to have spotted Celebration and he hopes that the seal lives a long, healthy, safe life. Years later, he says he still hasn’t seen anything else this rare, but he still returns to the marshland simply to enjoy the wildlife.

This story is truly remarkable and, as I said, is leaving everyone who reads it, completely speechless. We’ll never know how a seal ended up in the muddy marshland, but we sure are thankful that he was rescued!

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