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Family Dog Chased Out From Woods By Unsuspecting Foe. When Men See What’s Chasing Him, They Immediately Reach For Their Guns

August 08, 2018

On a cool morning, some men and their dogs were out driving through some backroads. After driving for a while, the men stopped their trucks so that their dogs could get out and stretch their legs for a bit.

One dog must have smelled something because he bolted off as soon as he got out of the truck. Then men didn’t seem too worried about it because this particular dog was known for running off. But no matter where he’d run off to, he always came back safe and sound.

After wandering through the woods for a couple minutes, the dog finally emerged The only thing was… the dog wasn’t alone.

Following the dog was a charging black bear!

The men immediately grabbed their guns just in case the dog ran towards them for refuge.

But what they saw somewhat confused them… the dog wasn’t running away from the bear in fear, but rather he was running away from the bear in joy! They were playing!

The dog and bear took turns chasing each other all around the road! The men had never seen anything like it before! The men still held on to their guns just in case (Can you blame them? I think I might look for protection too if a bear was charging me!).

The two furry friends had a blast playing with each other! Have you ever seen two friends like this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bear befriend any animal! This is just too cute!


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