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Big Dog Tries To Imitate His Squeaky Toy And It's The Cutest Thing EVER [VIDEO]

April 26, 2017

Dogs have the absolute best personalities.

Their curious nature, spunky spirit and zest for life are absolutely contagious.

The best part about watching them play is when they turn around and see if you're watching them. It melts hearts every single time! Life would be significantly less enjoyable if we didn't have our beloved pooches around to keep us entertained. 


Even when they're not trying to be funny, somehow they are! They way they react to certain situations or how they analyze new surroundings is beyond adorable.

My favorite thing to do is to take my dog to a new park and just watch him examine the area. He sniffs every area out and wants to greet every single person that walks by.

It warms my heart to see him make others as happy as he does me!


Speaking of adorable dogs, you've got to watch this video of an adorable pooch playing with his favorite squeaky toy.

I don't really know if he's trying to imitate it or announce his victory over his teeny foe. Either way, it's darn adorable and we can't stop watching it!

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