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Big Reason For Princess Charlotte And Cousin Mia Tindall’s Vastly Different Wardrobe Appearance Boils Down To One Thing

July 31, 2018

Being a royal is no easy task. While some marry into the role and must adapt to the ways of the family, others are born into it. They know nothing but that lifestyle. Over the years, the British royal family has perfected their appearance and mannerisms in the eye of the public.

Whatever they do, the world collectively “oohs” and “ahhs” over it. It’s a life some dream to live, but only a few can do it efficiently.

In the recent years, the younger generation of royals has grown increasingly popular. Watching them grow into budding royals has been a sweet sight to behold and only gets better with each passing age.


Two little royals that have been the talk of the internet lately are Princess Charlotte and her cousin, Mia Tindall.

Mia is the eldest daughter of Mike and Zara Tindall and the granddaughter of Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter. She and Charlotte are extremely close in age and are thrilled when opportunities arise where they can play together.


Despite sharing the same great-grandmother, the two girls lead quite different lives. One startling difference that many have noticed lately is the extreme difference in dress.

Princess Charlotte is always seen in classic, timeless dresses, while Mia is more often seen in leggings, jeans, and youthfully printed tees. The reason for this is not as complicated as you’d think.


Clothing designer Rachel Riley has been known to design clothing for Charlotte’s brother, George.

Riley spoke to sources to give her input on the matter:“The reason why I design clothes that way is that if they wear very simple things, it’s about the child, and it’s timeless in that you can’t really date a specific photo or put them in something that seems out of date.”

She feels that Kate Middleton shares the same belief when it comes to children’s clothing and that is why she opts to always have her little ones dressed prim and proper.

Aside from that, Charlotte is often seen attending various royal engagements and is expected to look appropriately. Mia, on the other hand, is rarely seen at said engagements and doesn’t have the same expectations and requirements for appearance as her cousin does.

What do you think about this? Do you think all royal children should have an understood dress code when out in public or do you think that they should be allowed to dress however they please?


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