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Watch: Momma’s Little Helper Makes Slight Miscalculation When Trying to Lift Watermelon At Supermarket

July 11, 2018

We’ve all been there. It’s time to make the weekly (or more often in some cases) trip to the grocery store and you have a little helper who wants to be right by your side. He offers to do everything from selecting the shopping cart to fetching items on the grocery list.

And while you love the little darling with all your heart, you sometimes have to question the value of his brand of ‘help.’ When one mom took her little guy to the supermarket with her, she found out what happens when she relies too heavily on her child’s assistance.

It’s likely that the pair has been there before. As she reads off the next item on the list, she gets ready for the inevitable words: “I’ll get that for you, Mommy!” Rather than dashing her little guy’s sense of purpose, she relents and tells him exactly where to find said item.

He dutifully returns to the cart with his prize and eagerly awaits his next assignment. But when the item on the list is something way beyond the boy’s skill set, a mom has a difficult decision to make.

Does she tell him “No” and get it herself? Or should she go ahead and let him try? That’s exactly what this mom had to do when the time came to fetch a very unwieldy produce item.

“Watermelon” she announces nervously. But her son, who doesn’t seem to notice the trepidation in her voice, springs into action.

“Mommy! Can I get that?” The mother obliges her son’s deepest desire and nods affirmatively.

At her signal, he boldly starts off in the direction of the giant crate of the 20-pound specimens - sitting right in the middle of the aisle. He hesitates for only a moment before dashing headlong into the task at hand.

If good intentions were all that mattered, that watermelon would have made a safe arrival at its destination. Instead, the mom’s worst nightmare became a reality. To see the hilarious outcome of this delightful mom/son moment, watch the video, below. It’ll make your day!

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