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Britain’s Famed Musical Legend Finally Steps Back In The Spotlight With An Enormous Announcement

April 13, 2018

In 2009, a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent took the world by absolute storm when she stepped onto the iconic stage for the first time. Per usual, the judges get their first impression by looks alone. They size up the contestant and hear a brief bio about the talent so to familiarize themselves more with the performer.

When a contestant named Susan walked across the stage, you could see the visible opinion of judge Simon Cowell. He and the others sat in waiting for the performance to begin. Once the music started and Susan’s voice was heard, they and all those watching were left completely dumbfounded.

Her voice was like that of a glowing angel, and the crowd burst into cheers! Now, nine years later, people still adore her. To this day, Susan Boyle is a household name. Fans across the globe listen to her music and praise her for her beautifully unique voice.

Since her rise to fame, she’s garnered three #1 albums and has gotten two Grammy nominations in the US. Her last record called A Wonderful World was a definite hit but, after its release, there has been very little heard from the superstar.

Recently, Simon Cowell made an announcement about Boyle that has people worldwide cheering with grand excitement. “She’ll have an album out this Christmas. We’ve got an idea to do something slightly different with her. I think she’ll enjoy it. She’ll be making records with us for a long time. She’s amazing,” he said.

Susan’s voice paired with classic Christmas tunes? It’s a match made in vocal heaven! Without a doubt, this will be a record that also will go down in history, I just know it.


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