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Viral Internet Sensation In Hot Water After After Scamming Thousands Out Of Money And Lying About It - The Details Are More Cringe-Worthy Than You Could Even Fathom

February 13, 2019

If you’ve seen the news at all today, you’ve likely already caught wind of this horrific scandal.

A Texas YouTuber, blogger, and self-proclaimed fitness coach has fallen under heavy fire, and those affected by her decisions aren’t backing down anytime soon. Brittany Dawn made her name known in the social media world when she created a business that focused on helping other women get their bodies into shape.

She claimed to provide tailor-made workout programs that sell upwards of $300 dollars. Thousands of people bought into the idea of thinking that, with her assistance, they would be able to achieve a “slim and trim Instagram body” as she sported.

Needless to say, they were badly mistaken.

As it turns out, the 27-year-old has taken thousands upon thousands of dollars from those buying her program and has yielded zero results. She has, though, managed to take numerous vacations to Hawaii, daily visits to Starbucks, and drive a luxury vehicle.

The complaints began compiling over the past five years but it hasn’t made public headlines until now. Customers have demanded refunds for their stolen money, only to receive emails many days later offering to give them free e-books for their troubles. When that didn’t work - shocker - she then said she would only give refunds if the customers agreed to sign NDAs beforehand. I mean - what?

According to Daily Mail, many of the “former customers are discussing launching a class action lawsuit against her and some are calling for her to face criminal charges.” She also made an appearance on Good Morning America where she issued an apology and vowed to made amends.

“It was never my intention to take advantage of anyone and I am sorting through complaints and refund requests in real-time. I appreciate any grace afforded me while I get this business in order for whatever future it may hold.”

She continued, “But, for today, I will continue to address each of my customers [by] offering make-goods, plan extensions, and refunds on a case-by-case basis. Reputation is precious and can be invalidated in a heartbeat. I know that I have destroyed my reputation through inaction and lack of communication. I own it and am attempting to make things right the best that I can.”

Many still don’t buy her apologies and have vowed to take extreme measures to see that she is brought to justice.

One of many users on Twitter voiced their opinion: "@bdawnfit you're not even remotely trying to make it right, you're trying to SPIN sympathy. I hope you have to get a real job at a gym & WORK for a paycheck. You stole women's money. You lied & stole for years. You owe people refunds, not crocodile tears."

Only time will tell what will come of this situation. We hope that, in the end, all is smoothed out and the wrongs are finally made right.

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