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Broken Legs And Unable To Move Towards Help, Piki Needed A Savior Before It Was Too Late...After Days Of Homelessness, A Real Life Miracle Happens

March 15, 2018

When she found Piki, she found a miracle. Piki was small enough that his head barely poked over the grass. His body lay below and was at the mercy of a miracle. However, after days of homelessness and a broken leg, he was beginning to wonder if a miracle was even possible.

Piki was noticed after an onlooker saw something ruffle the grass at the park. Something in her heart urged her towards the grass, and as she got closer, she realized why.

She peered between the tall strands of grass and looked down with a broken heart. There was Piki. Cold, heartbroken, and alone. She leaned over to pick him up but as soon as she did, he let out a cry. She realized that Piki’s little hind leg was broken.

Not knowing how long he had been abandoned in the park, she figured that he had gone several days without food. Poor little Piki was severely underweight. As she carried him to her car, she could feel his ribs protruding through his fur. Each time he let out a tremor from fear, she could feel his ribs more.

After arriving at the vet, Piki’s demeanor changed. He was no longer scared and fragile. He was beginning to trust the vets- Piki knew they were the miracle that he needed.  

The vets started with food and water, something Piki desperately needed. She then set Piki’s hind leg in place and put a cast on him. Lastly, she tended to Piki’s ear. His ear was full of inflammation. It appeared that he had been irritated by the pain for quite some time because all of the furs surrounded his ear was matted.

After weeks of nurturing Piki, he was finally starting to liven up. His energy had been low as he let the miracle workers save him. Once he was finally able to regain his strength, he made sure everyone felt the love that he had to pour out. He was so beyond grateful for the savior that found him in the park one day.

Now, Piki is ready for his forever home. He is a healthy and happy little dog with a heart of gold.

He knows heartbreak and he’s making it his mission to treat everyone with love and care. Check out the incredible video below of Piki during his rescue.


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