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Buried Footage Of Marilyn Monroe Finally Discovered 56 Years After Her Death; Its Release Moments From Going Public

August 24, 2018

Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood enigma; as one of the of the most beautiful women in the industry, she managed to disrupt the film industry with her beauty, charm, and character. After a quick and intense time in the thick of Hollywood, Marilyn died in 1962 and just 36 years old.

Right before she died, Marilyn worked with the famous Clark Gable in the film the 1961 film, “The Misfits.” The film was directed by John Huston and written by Marilyn’s then-husband, Arther Miller. Ultimately, the film became historical as it was Monroe’s last project; Marilyn died in 1962 of a barbiturate overdose.


For years, the rumors circulated about “lost scenes” from the film. The scenes were believed to be nude scenes of Marilyn opposite Clark Gable. Director John shot the scene but later decided to refrain from using them as censorship was heavy in the early 1960’s. Not wanting to take a risk by showing any nudity, the scenes remained hidden.

Only a couple years later, nudity began the fall of censorship was prominent in Hollywood projects, but by that time, Marilyn was gone and the movie was already released.

For years, the lost scenes of Marilyn were talked about as a rumor; some thought they didn’t exist while others swore they did. Charles Casillo, author of the book “Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon,” tracked down the one person that would know whether or not the scenes existed at all.

Curtice Taylor was the son of “The Misfits” producer, Frank Taylor, and had been on the set of the film when he was younger. During the project, he had a chance to get to know Marilyn better than most. But not only that, he knew of the missing scenes that many believed were just rumors.


Curtice revealed that the scenes do in fact exist as they had been stored by his father. Charles Camilla recalls the mention of the scenes to be quite underwhelming: “He knew Marilyn a little bit… So I was interviewing him about that. While we were talking, he just mentioned casually that he had the famous nude scene that people thought was destroyed, that was long speculated about.” Charles continued, “He just said it so casually, I don’t think he realized what it was… I knew it was something special, and I just was really excited about it. It was one of the things that I was unable to uncover for the book.”

Charles was able to add the confirmation of the lost footage to his book, along with the reason behind Marilyn’s bold move to appear in the nude on camera. “In one take, she let the sheet drop,” described Casillo. “Marilyn Monroe was so insecure. She always wanted people to like her. The one thing that she was rock solid in, with her lack of confidence, she knew that her physicality was pleasing to people, that people liked to look at her, and people liked to look at her body.”

Sadly, Marilyn was immensely insecure. Her role in Hollywood was so overshadowed by her physicality. Wanting to remain relevant, she did what she thought she needed to do. Thankfully, the director didn’t let her exploit herself that the way that she thought she needed to. Today, Charles believes that it’s only a matter of time before the buried footage is released- especially given her massive following even decades after her death.

Did you ever see “The Misfits” and if you did, do you remember hearing rumors of lost scenes?

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