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Camilla Reveals Why She Couldn’t Stay Away From Prince Charles- Even Though He Was Married To Princess Di. Her Honest Confession Chill All Who Hear Them

June 01, 2018

One of the world’s most adored love stories is the love story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles; He was from the most famous family in the world and she was a simple young girl. When they fell in love, they captured the hearts of billions.

The two married and started a family; first with little Prince William and then Prince Harry. Their life appeared to be a dream… but it was far from perfect.

But as fate would have it, the couple’s relationship would fall apart. Some say it was bound to happen, but some also say that it happened for one very obvious reason…

Camilla Parker Bowles.

Today, people know her as Princess Charles’ wife, the Duchess of Cornwall. The couple married after years of a secret affair and finally married in 2005. Their relationship has been riddled with scandal and drama since the beginning, and both Prince Charles and Camilla received enormous amounts of flack for their relationship.

It’s been a rocky road for Camilla and the people of the U.K., especially because Princess Diana was beloved by almost everyone. In fact, she was called, “The People’s Princess.”

However, Camilla claimed that her reason for coming back to Prince Charles time and time again isn’t exactly what everyone assumes…

Camilla claimed that she ended her relationship with Prince Charles before he and Diana were married. In fact, Camilla was married to a man named Andrew. Sadly, her marriage with him was not health.

Camilla shared that her ongoing affair with Prince Charles was in response to her own husband’s adulterous behavior. A source told The Express that “She was unhappy that she was the betrayed woman. This was the real problem. That’s what sent her back into the arms of Prince Charles.”

When her own husband was adulterous, Prince Charles showed her kindness. While this is not the way that God intended marriage, we’re happy to know that Prince Charles and Camilla have made it their mission to maintain a healthy marriage with one another. And why two wrongs never make a right, we are happy that they are lawfully married and happy. What do you think about this?


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